Liner weigher system
Liner weigher system
  • Application range
  • Technical Parameters
  • Bag Sealing Type
  • Optional items
  • Equipment outline drawing

1.Double hopper weight alone separated from bags, with high working speed.
2.Feeder is adjustable with the proportion of materials to achieve high accuracy and high speed
3.Weight cell alone : steadily working, high sensitivity, instead of metering control system.
4.Present packing times can be saved, easily tracking the certified rate of products.
5.Touch screen in English with easy to operate
6.Calibration matched poise is used to delete the moving weight
7.Weighing hopper is covered by glass, less pollution to workshop.
8.Perfect-structured machine, easy to clear the remnant. And hanging weigher canbe disassembled for clearing.

Feeding mode

Vibration system, Electronic sensing weighing

Vibration system

Packing Weight

50-1000g( Double hopper, use separately )


Packaging precision

Weight<200g , Precision<1g ; Weight>200g , precision<2g

Weight<1000g , Precision<2g ; Weight>1000g , precision<5g

Packaging speed

10-30 bags/min

8-15 bags/min

Power supply

1p, 220V, 50Hz-60Hz

1p, 220V, 50-60Hz




Total Power



Machine dimension



Touch Screen

PLC Control human-computer interface

PLC Control human-computer interface

1): Nitrogen filling function
2): Venting device
3): Gusset device
4): Hook the hole cutter seat
5): Date Printer
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